Steelers Scribe Week 2 Hot Read

The Steelers improved to 2-0 with Sunday’s 26-21 win over the Broncos in Pittsburgh, but let’s pump the brakes on any comparisons of this Steelers defense to any of the 1970s editions of this defense.

Jeff Driskel damn near led the Broncos all the way back from a 14-point halftime deficit and a 12-point fourth-quarter hole. This is the same Jeff Driskel who was drafted in the sixth round by the 49ers in 2016 and finally got into an NFL game in 2018. The Broncos are Driskel’s third team in three years.

Sure, Benny Snell and Diontae Johnson made the defense’s job a little harder, Snell by fumbling with 9:41 left and Johnson by dropping a third-down pass with 6:16 left.

An elite NFL defense, however, shouldn’t allow a quarterback like Driskel to come within 15 yards of a fourth-quarter comeback on the road, fans in the stands or no fans in the stands.

The Steelers defense so far has faced Daniel Jones, Drew Lock and Driskel, who replaced Lock when Lock went down with a shoulder injury.

It gets a little harder next week when Deshaun Watson comes to town and the week after when the Steelers visit Ryan Tannehill and the Titans. Then eventually this defense will have to figure out a way to stop Lamar Jackson.

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