Steelers Scribe Week 5 Hot Read

Party like it’s 1979!

The Steelers are 4-0 for the first time since the year they won their fourth Super Bowl after Sunday’s 38-29 win over the Eagles at Heinz Field.

Yeah, the Steelers almost blew a 17-point lead. We can’t sweep that under the rug. Carson Wentz, who’s taken more of a beating from Philadelphia fans than Rocky did from Apollo Creed, pulled the Eagles to within 31-29 after the Steelers opened up a 31-14 lead early in the third quarter.

Travis Fulgham, who hadn’t yet caught an NFL pass at this time last week, caught 10 for 152 yards and a touchdown.

Would the Steel Curtain of the aforementioned 1979 Steelers have allowed ham-and-eggers like Wentz and Fulgham to burn them like that?

Actually, the Steelers allowed 30 or more points four times on the way to winning the Super Bowl in 1979. There will be plenty of time to moan and groan about the Steelers defense.

But the Steelers are one of just five unbeaten teams remaining. So while dissecting that defense we also can debate the Steelers’ place among the elite teams in the NFL.

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